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hackers often impersonate paypal customer support and claim that your account has been hacked or is showing suspicious activity their goal is to get you on the phone and ask for sensitive information such as your account password or two factor authentication 2fa codes demand payment or get you to download software that gives them remote access to your computer


with so many platforms and apps that allow you to earn points or rewards you can turn into free paypal money it should be easy to find a few that enable you to make a little extra cash for things you re already doing it can be worth signing up for some to see what you can earn just ensure you take any necessary steps to receive your rewards some platforms recommend signing up using the same email address as your paypal account to ensure you receive your free paypal money without delay or you may be required to link the app to your paypal account

however your friend must link their bank account or a credit debit card to their new paypal account and they ll have to spend 5 for you to get the bonus once they do paypal transfers the money straight to your balance this usually happens in less than a day but it can take up to two weeks

the money earned from these cards can be transferred over to your paypal balance once you reach the redemption minimum usually 25 then the cashback continues compiling in your paypal account each time you redeem it


this app does pay but with few annoying issues their help system will mark your email as spam if you ve sent them more than like 5 emails it seems makemoney works primarily with two companies adgem and fyber i ve have had problems receiving credits more than a handful of times which resulted in having to contact them more than i want now my email is marked as spam even the 1 time that i finally got a response from them when replying i get an auto email back stating my email is spam when you try to report problem getting credit you ll only see the fyber offers in the report problem link for anything else adgem offers you have to send email and adgem offers often don t automatically get credited i ve recently completed an offer that required paid subscription i ve received credit for that right away which was surprising to me i tried withdrawing my balance right after that and the withdraws failed but those failed withdraw credits were never put back to my account still to date now my email is marked as spam and i still haven t receive reply for any of my old requests i currently have 3 new completed 3 weeks ago completed offers and 4 old months ago offers that i still haven t receive credits for even though i ve contacted makemoney multiple times about it


upi is available as a payment mode on cashfree payment gateway your customers can use any upi app including phonepe googlepay etc to pay the upi payment gateway charges are as per the applicable law

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